Meetings – Suggested Ideas

Your persistence has paid off and you have set up your first meeting with a prospective client.

Here are some suggestions to make that meeting successful.

When meeting with a prospective client(s) for the first time, it is important that you make the prospect aware of:

  • Your financial planning philosophy
  • Your credentials
  • Your complete services
  • How your firm works
  • Any fees you may charge

Now that the prospect knows more about you it is important to find out from them enough information to let you know if this is going to be a good fit for your firm. This can be done informally at first. Some ideas are:

  • What they expect from a firm such as yours.
  • What their ideas are about savings, investments, retirement.
  • Have they ever worked with a financial professional?
  • What are their goals.

Document everything. Event though they are already in your system as a prospect, now is the time to document and add those things your don’t know to your record.