Client Management

Client Management

Providing attentive personal service to clients and prospects is the cornerstone of your business. Here you will find suggested procedures and the supporting material to turn your clients into “raving fans”.

Your existing clients are key to your success. We believe that you cannot “touch” your clients too many times. You will find more ways and ideas to segment, understand and “touch” your clients in our Marketing section.

Prospective Clients can come from several source, including: referrals, client events, educational seminars for groups and organizations, centers of influence.

Each prospect should be documents (use your CRM or a separate spread sheet) so that you can “drip” your message to them in appropriate ways.

We have put together some suggested ways to handle your Prospective Clients:

Every office will have it’s own procedures and processes for handling new clients. But some things are universal.

Client Notes:

  • Along with the obvious information about new clients, when you meet with them, ask them questions about children, hobbies, sports, travel and work.
  • Take detailed notes and use the information when you communicate with them in the future.
  • Everyone on your staff should know key information about your best clients.