Connecting with the Advisor-Nation community of advisors is the most impactful aspect of membership.

This is primarily done via our bi-monthly advisor-lead live webinars. If you happen to miss a live event, this section contains a link to our previously recorded webinar library. This allows you to engage with the intel sharing of our community at your convenience.

Membership also comes with the ability to schedule on-demand “One-on-One” Brainstorming Sessions with one of our Practicing Advisors/Directors. Marc Minor and Matt Bednarz offer 30 minute sessions to discuss any aspect of your practice. It can be of great value to confer with a fellow advisor to discuss challenges, initiatives or objectives of your individual practice.

To schedule your session, contact Nick Bednarz at

Finally, the Connect section has information on Professional Coaching programs available to our members. These programs are typically offered at attractive discounts for Advisor-Nation Members.