Client Procedures

Your clients are your first priority. Here are some procedures that should be followed by you and every member of your staff:

Client Phone Calls & Emails

  • Return all phone calls and emails by the end of the business day (both you and your staff).
  • Your staff should alert you immediately to all clients who want to speak with you.
  • Every member of your staff should know what they can handle themselves and know to alert you about everything they do for a client.
  • Document through your CRM the return call or email (archive your email as well) and the details of your discussion.
  • Follow-up the discussion with appropriate action and then re-contact the client.
  • Make notes about all action taken in CRM and by whom.

Actions Taken for Clients

  • Whenever a client asks for something from a staff member, the advisor needs to be made aware of the action that is taken.
  • Everything done for a client needs to be recorded in the notes section of the client’s records.
  • A follow-up call and email to the client with the action taken and the result should be sent right away.
  • The advisor must be informed of every step taken and the final result.